Welcome to dominoWATCH platform of SAPPER INSTITUT!

dominoWATCH is a platform, atop it registered users can utilize online (via SSL connection) the services of “domino anti terror software” to follow the effective individual-related embargoes of the EU and further countries.
  • without buying software and licences
  • without wastage of your IT department resources
  • without buying and daily care of boycott lists
  • with audit compliant documentation of all your activations
  • and all that regardless from any location
  • and suitable cost-saving !
  • The services in detail:
    BatchOnDemand: Existing master data can be checked on this dominoWATCH platform via batch-mode.
    QuickCheck: New contact details should be checked immediately on this platform with dominoWATCH single query before use.
    DeltaBatch: Automatically repeated check of all QuickCheck and BatchOnDemand data after every boycott list update.
    Reports: Close and audit compliant documentation of all checks in the dominoWATCH account.
    more ...
    The dominoWATCH Services offers you all components, which are necessary for a close compliance of legal regulations.
    The offered services can be ordered separately.

    All services can be used two months within a test account, which is well-resourced with all functions of a real fee required account up to the boycott list content. It is neither current nor plain. Please consider that these results are not chargeable for this reason.
    Password got lost?